IIT JAM is an examination which is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology. The full form of JAM is the Joint Admission Test. It is mainly for the subjects of sciences. IIT conducts this exam every year at a fixed time.

They release a form for registration, then release a admit card and conduct the exam. If you are a student of science, then you can think about taking this exam.

However, the first question people ask about IIT JAM is “can I crack IIT JAM without coaching?’’ or coaching is necessary? IIT JAM is not an easy exam. So, it is normal for aspirants to get worried about it.

If you are new and want to take this exam, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss every single detail of the IIT JAM exam. To satisfy your curiosity, our short answer is yes, you can crack this exam without coaching. In that case, you will need to work hard and know the perfect way of preparation. Without knowing it you might not be able to pass this exam.

However, before all those preparation details, let’s know about the basics of IIT JAM first. After that, we can detail the preparation guide of IIT JAM.

What is the IIT JAM examination?

IIT JAM is an entrance examination conducted by IITs on rotation. IIT has set a fixed time for registration, form release, and exam. You can get all these details by visiting their official website. IIT JAM is for science-based subjects.

It has 6 subjects in total, Mathematics or MA, Biotechnology or BT, Geology or GG, Mathematical statistics or MS, Chemistry or CY, and Physics or PH. Each subject has a different syllabus.

So, you should check the particular syllabus for your subject before preparing. IIT JAM is basically for those students who want to do joint MS – Ph.D., MSc – Ph.D., et al, etc. So, if you are thinking about an integrated Ph.D. degree then it is a good option for you.

You get 3 hours in total for the examination. You get 3 types of questions in JAM. Those questions are Multiple choice questions or MCQ, Multiple select questions or MSQ, and Numerical answer type questions or NAT. You will need to prepare individually for each type of question.

This is a Computer Based Test or CBT that can be conducted fully online. This exam has negative marking but not for all types of questions. If you leave a question unanswered then there is no negative marking. For section A or MCQ questions, you can get negative markings with each incorrect answer.

MCQ questions can have 1 mark or 2 marks depending on the type. If you give the wrong answer for the 1 mark question then your 1/3 marks will be reduced.

If you give an incorrect answer for 2 marks question then 2/3 marks will be reduced for each answer. There is no negative marking for two other sections B and C.

Thus, you should carefully attend to every question especially, in section A or MCQ part. There are no fixed marks for the questions of section B or MSQ. For, section C or NAT, rules are the same as section B.

Is it possible to prepare for IIT JAM in less than 2 months?

Yes! It is possible to prepare for IIT JAM without any coaching. You just have to have enough courage and enthusiasm for studying. If you have a lot of time in hand then that is best. If you get 6 months and prepare seriously then you can rest assured about it.

However, if you have 2 or less than 2 months in hand then things could get tough. Still, you can do it if you are determined enough. You have to make your mind and only focus on this.

Leave other things for these two months and only focus on studying. Make a schedule and study at least 5 hours daily. You will need to put some extra effort to prepare the guidance.

If you go to a coaching center then they will guide you and make a study plan. Here, you have to do it on your own to save a few pennies.

If you are one of those who like to study on their own then this is the best option for you. Use our study plans for help. If you are struggling with any topic then ask your teachers for help. In this way, the whole process will be a lot easier for you.

Preparation guide to prepare for IIT JAM in 2 months

Preparing for IIT JAM on your own is not very easy. However, you can do it with your determination. First, we will mention some general tips which can be used for any subject. After that, we will try to discuss individually each subject. Now, let’s start with general tips first.

  1. You need to know every small detail about the examination
  2. Make a schedule for your study
  3. Plan and learn from previous years’ question papers
  4. What you have already studied is still important
  5. Don’t forget to look for help if you need it

These are the general tips which you can follow not only for this exam but for all examinations. Now, we will mention a weekly study plan for each subject according to the syllabus. The below given splitting syllabus will help to plan well and cover each and every topic individually.

1. Physics

  • Week 1 – Mechanics and General Properties of Matter-I
  • Week 2 – Mechanics and General Properties of Matter-II
  • Week 3 – Mathematical Methods-I
  • Week 4 – Mathematical Methods-II
  • Week 5 – Electricity and Magnetism-I
  • Week 6 – Oscillations, Waves and Optics-I
  • Week 7 – Oscillations, Waves and Optics-II
  • Week 8 – Oscillations, Waves and Optics-III

2. Biotechnology

  • Week 1 –General Biology
  • Week 2 –Molecular Biology
  • Week 3 –Basic Biotechnology
  • Week 4 –Biochemistry and Physiology
  • Week 5 –Cell Biology
  • Week 6 –Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Week 7 –Microbiology
  • Week 8 –Properties Of S, P, D and F Block Elements

3. Chemistry

  • Week 1 –Periodic Table [Inorganic Chemistry]
  • Week 2 –Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds [Inorganic Chemistry]
  • Week 3 –Transition Metals (D Block) [Inorganic Chemistry]
  • Week 4 –Main Group Elements (S and P Blocks) [Inorganic Chemistry]
  • Week 5 –Solid State [Physical Chemistry]
  • Week 6 –Chemical Thermodynamics [Physical Chemistry]
  • Week 7 –Theory of Gases [Physical Chemistry]
  • Week 8 –Atomic and Molecular Structure [Physical Chemistry]

You can split the syllabus in the same way for other subjects too.


These are the basic tips you can use to prepare for the IIT JAM examination. Coaching centers are made to guide you properly for the exam. You can do it yourself if you invest some extra time and effort while preparing. You can use our tips to prepare for IIT JAM.

These will really help you and give you proper guidance. We hope now you got the answer to your question which was ‘can I crack IIT JAM without coaching?’. You can do literally anything if you want. It is not impossible if you have enough enthusiasm. Invest most of your time in studying if you seriously want to pass this exam. It is not easy but neither impossible. Two months is enough time to get yourself ready and shine. We hope our article will help you in that preparation journey.

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