Do you have the right stuff to prepare for your DU M. Sc exam? What if the books you are referring aren’t useful?

The competition is getting tougher day-by-day and you need to have a clear blueprint on how to go about it. There are thousands of reference books for the DU M. Sc entrance exam in the market, but you can’t depend on all of them. Moreover, apart from getting information from the right source, you need to follow a pattern to prepare for this exam.

Step 1 Understand the MSc exam syllabus carefully
Step 2 Know the MSc entrance exam pattern & marking scheme
Step 3 Get the entire study material like prep books for the particular entrance
Step 4 Resolve the question papers of last year
Step 5 Solve as many mock tests as possible
Step 6 Solve diverse sample papers

Today, we are going to find out which books you can opt for when it comes to preparing for your exam. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started!


For DU M.Sc Chemistry Entrance Exam Books

Book 1: Analytical Chemistry Theory and Practice
Author: U.N.Dash

Book 2: Analytical Chemistry-An Introduction
Author: D.A.Skoog, F.J.Holler, and D.M.West

Book 3: Modern Experimental Organic Chemistry
Author: A.S.Wingrove, J.C.Gilbert, R.M.Roberts, and L.B.Rodewald

Book 4: Physical Chemistry
Author: K.J.Laidler and J.M.Meiser

Book 5: Principles of Physical Chemistry
Author: M.S. Pathania, B.R.Puri, and L.R.Sharma

Book 6: Concepts and Models in Inorganic Chemistry
Author: John Alexander and B.Douglas

For DU MSc Mathematics Entrance Books

Books for Algebra

Book 1: Abstract Algebra
Author: Richard M. Foote and David S. Dummit

Book 2: Basic Algebra
Author: Jacobson

Book 3: Contemporary Abstract Algebra (4th Edition)
Author: Joseph A. Gallian

Book 4: Linear Algebra and its Applications
Author: David C. Lay

Books for Complex Analysis

Book 1: Functions of one complex variable
Author: John Conway

Book 2: Complex Analysis
Author: L V Ahlfors

Books for Calculus and Real Analysis

Book 1: Principles of mathematical analysis
Author: Rudin

Book 2: Real Analysis
Author: Royden

Book 3: Calculus
Author: G. L. Bradley, K. J. Smith, and M. J. Strauss

For MSc Computer Science

Book 1: Theory of Computer Science: Automata, Languages, and Computation
Author: Mishra K.L.P

Book 2: Data Structures Through C in Depth
Author: S.K Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava

Book 3: Fundamentals of Database System
Author: Navathe Shamkant and Elmasri Ramez

Book 4: Computer Fundamentals
Author: P.K. Sinha

Book 5: Fundamentals for Molecular Spectroscopy
Author: Elaine Mccash and Colin Banwell


Now, when you know what book you need to opt for, it’s imperative to focus on your strategy.  Yes, you need to keep a lot of things in mind such as:

1. Time Management

Time management isn’t merely needed during the test preparation. Balancing your time is also required when you sit in any exam. While you are formulating the schedule for your entrance exam, try to segregate equal time for all the topics.

Moreover, split your time for additional tasks that consist of playing sports, exercising, and more.

2. Examination of Syllabus and Exam Pattern  

The initial step towards preparing your examination is comprehensive knowledge about exam pattern and syllabus. You can’t get ready well for the entrance until you don’t have the appropriate understanding of the syllabus.

DU M.Sc entrance exam is managed for multiple courses. The examination pattern is going to different for a different syllabus. You can go through the examination pattern and syllabus according to your choice.

3. Get Ready Smartly

Intelligent preparation plays a quite crucial role in safeguarding good marks. Choose the topics which seem more & consist of good weightage of marks.

It’s suggested to prepare some handmade notes of significant topics so that it’s easy for you to them. You can take the help of last year’s question paper to make the entire process smarter.

4. Stay Fit & Healthy

You all must have heard “Health Mind Lives in a Healthy Body”. This is actually true.
If you are fit then you indeed have the aptitude to get things fast. 

In order to remain healthy, it’s a must for the aspirants to include healthy food in the regular diet. For physical fitness, they can do yoga, play games of their choice, and do some exercise. It will retain you stress-free, as well as ultimately boosts your attentiveness towards studies.

5. Revision

This is the last point that you need to focus on is your revision. Revision plays a huge role when it comes to securing good marks. If you don’t do it, you might not be capable of recalling what you actually have studied.

As a result, students are recommended to assign sufficient time for their revision. It will assist you to remember things. Be self-assured with all the studies & revision you have performed.


We have discussed some of the finest reference books for DU M. Sc entrance exam in this blog, along with some useful methods that you can opt for to get desired results. I hope now you know how to prepare for this exam. All the best for your test. Just keep your mind calm and go ahead.


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