Still irresolute about the CSIR NET Chemical Science test? Can’t make up your mind since you don’t know what books you should buy and how to prepare for the exam? Relax! This blog is going to help you out

Here we will give you a preparation plan for the exam to attain your objectives, as well as reference books for CSIR NET Chemical Science. So, let’s get started.

About CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam

CSIR NET exam in Chemical Science and additional subjects is carried out by the CSIR (Council for Scientific & Industrial Research) & University Grants Commission and; therefore, the test is known as Joint CSIR-UGC NET Test.

The exam basically checks the aptness of the candidate for JRF (Junior Research Fellowship), as well as LS (Lectureship).

Each year this test is conducted twice, once in June and later in December.


SubjectBook NameAuthor Name
Principles of StereochemistryStereochemistry Conformation and MechanismP.S. Kalsi
Organic Reaction MechanismOrganic ChemistryClayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers
Transition Metal & Coordination CompoundsConcise Inorganic ChemistryJ. D. Lee
ThermodynamicsPhysical ChemistryThomas Engel & Philip Reid
Chemical Kinetics & CatalysisChemical Kinetics and CatalysisRichard Mishel
Molecular SpectroscopyFundamentals of Molecular SpectroscopyColin N. Banwell
ElectrochemistryAn Introduction to ElectrochemistrySamuel Glasstone
Quantum ChemistryQuantum Chemistry through Problems and SolutionsR.K. Prasad
Organometallic CompoundsConcept and Models of Inorganic ChemistryBodie Douglas, Darl McDaniel, John Alexander
Analytical ChemistryInstrumental MethodSkoog, Holler & Crouch


Although the exam seems profitable, it’s not simple. It needs continuous studies, good guidance, knowledge, resources, and motivation. The preparation for the test can be separated into two major sections:

  • Collecting crucial resources
  • Subject study

Now before directly jumping to the second point, there are some pre-requisites that you need to check out. Here are some of the important resources that you should assemble for the entrance:

1. Understand the Examination Pattern

CSIR NET Chemical Science Examination is an only paper test separated into 3 parts; Part ‘A’, Part ‘B’ & Part ‘C’. There are a total of 120 MCQs that have to be tried in 3 hours and you are assessed from utmost marks 200.

  • Part-A is based on Research Aptitude, General Science, and Quantitative Reasoning & Analysis.
  • Part-B is on the basis of subject-associated theoretical queries.
  • Part-C is the most significant segment making 50 percent of the paper and is developed to assess how can an applicant use the acquaintance of scientific ideas to its applications.

2. Understand the Syllabus and Crucial Topics for the Exam

Examine the entire syllabus of CSIR NET Chemical Sciences, as well as ensure you have the exact idea of the topics. As soon as you do this, you require to implement the following strategy for the greatest use of time and grasping the topics.

3. Lay a Time Table

You will realize that you have a vast syllabus to cover within a short time. However, lesser time does not imply the target isn’t attainable. It can be achieved by appropriate planning which includes first to fix a time table as per your suitability.

While making the time table, make sure that you include these things in your list, studying, revision, practicing questions, a well as relaxing. A good time administration approach is going to make you more prepared, actual, and confident.

4. Make Short Notes

Following the arrangement of the time table, it’s imperative to begin studying. When you go for the study, convert it into a habit to make brief notes simultaneously.

This assists in a lot of manners. Primary, it is going assist in making the learning & memorizing procedure earlier as scripting things down makes your mind to reminisce things more.

Secondly, at the conclusion when your entire syllabus is finished and the examination is around the corner, just choose these notes, as well as revise to get ready. Apart from these records make a different sheet for physical chemistry’s formulas.

5. Resolve Earlier Year Questions Papers and Attend Mock Tests

The human brain recalls more at the time you inscribe than when you only read. Hence, in order to make the concepts remember, you always need to practice it with writing.

As soon as your basics are precise and you have read a topic, choose last year’s question papers and resolve them. This is one of the best ways to measure yourself about your knowledge of the subject.

With your performance, you will get to know about your efforts that you need to put in for, in order to enhance your result. It even provides you the concept about the shape of queries in the CSIR-NET exam, as well as can offer you decent command on the feeble areas. The more you practice, the more your chances will become to clear the entrance.

6. Revise and Revise Harder

The last but not the least revision. It is one of the essential steps to clear the exam. At the end of every day, revise your topics to get clearer. Prior to the exam, the entire syllabus needs to be revised twice at least. Here your notes will come handy. You can do it properly if you can prepare some notes throughout your preparation.


This blog cover some of the most popular reference books for CSIR NET Chemical Science. I hope, now you know how to prepare for it. If you still have any doubts mentioned them in the comment section below. All the best for your future.


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