The IIT JAM examination is a popular entrance examination amongst graduates in the science field. It offers aspiring graduates admission to some of the prestigious and top-ranked colleges in India for Masters in Science courses.

The Joint Admission Test for MSc.(JAM) is essentially a national level admission exam for MSc. and similar post-graduate degrees in India. This examination is also suitable for dual degree programs available at the IITs.

General Eligibility Criteria for IIT JAM 2022

As of 2022, specific revisions have been made in the IIT JAM eligibility criteria. This year, the IIT JAM examination will be held by IIT Roorkee for full-time MSc. degree aspirants.

A commonly asked question is, can a BTech student give it jam?

Apart from graduates in the science field, engineering and Btech students may also apply for this admission examination. However, it depends on the engineering branch that the graduate is from.

Nonetheless, every applying aspirant must fulfill the eligibility requirements (ERs) and minimum educational qualifications (MEQs) for this admission. Candidates failing to follow or meet the institutes’ rules and regulations would be deemed not applicable for IIT JAM.

  • The aspiring candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree of at least three years when they sit for the entrance examination.
  • The minimum aggregate marks or the CPI/CGPA mya vary from one category to another. General or OBC (NCL) category candidates must have a PASS percentage. Likewise, CS/ST and PwD categories must have a PASS percentage.
  • Candidates applying for this examination must have Indian nationality or be Foreign nationals.
  • IIT JAM has set no specific age limit for candidates to apply for this entrance examination.
  • The candidates must have a valid proof of passing qualifying degrees with the minimum educational qualifications specified by the admitting institute. It must be submitted by September 30, 2022.
  • Every aspiring candidate appearing for IIT JAM 2022 must have a medical certification from a registered medical practitioner. It must be submitted to relevant authorities beforehand. In addition, the aspirant must be physically fit to apply for the examination.
  • IIT JAM set reservation criteria for the General/OBC and the SC/ST categories. General or OBC candidates must obtain a least 55% marks or have a 5.5 out of 10 CGPA from their undergraduate years. Similarly, the SC/ST category must hold an aggregate of at least 50% or a 5 CGPA to apply.

Courses available for Btech students in IIT JAM 2022

This section will offer a fair idea of the available courses and their specific eligibility criteria per IIT JAM. Can a BTech student give it jam 2022 for any of the courses?

The eligibility criteria are almost the same for all candidates applying for the entrance examination. However, conducting bodies may have set different eligibility criteria based on the candidates’ courses.

Aspirants must fulfill the specified requirements to be allowed for the exam. Listed below are the subjects or courses available for candidates in IIT JAM.

1. IIT JAM Biotechnology

Under this section, the courses available are:

  1. MSc. Biotechnology
  2. MSc. – Ph.D. Dual degree in Engineering and Environmental Science
  3. Joint MSc. – Ph.D. in Molecular Medical Microbiology

The minimum education qualification for each of the courses mentioned above is discussed below.

  1. MSc. Biotechnology
  2. MSc. – Ph.D. Dual degree in Engineering and Environmental Science
  3. Joint MSc. – Ph.D. in Molecular Medical Microbiology

The candidate must take up chemistry, Physics, or mathematics as a compulsory subject for at least two semesters or a year.

2. IIT JAM Chemistry

Under this section, there are four courses offered under IIT JAM.

  1. MSc. Chemistry
  2. Joint MSc. -Ph.D. in Nuclear Medicine
  3. MSc.-Ph.D. Dual degree in Environmental Science and Engineering
  4. Joint MSc.-Ph.D. in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences

3. IIT JAM Geology

  1. MSc. Applied Geology
  2. Joint MSc. – Ph.D. in Geophysics
  3. Joint MSc. – Ph.D. in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences
  4. MSc (Tech) in Applied Geology

4. IIT JAM Physics

Under IIT JAM Physics, the following courses are available.

  1. MSc. Astronomy
  2. Joint MSc. -Ph.D. in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences
  3. Joint MSc.-Ph.D. in Geophysics
  4. MSc. – Ph.D. Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering
  5. MSc. (Tech) in Applied Geophysics

5. IIT JAM Mathematics

Under this category, courses available are:

  1. MSc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering
  2. Joint MSc. -Ph.D. in Atmospheric Ocean and Sciences
  3. Joint MSc. – Ph.D. in Mathematics

Is a 3rd Year Btech student allowed to give IIT JAM?

Can a BTech student give it jam? Yes. A Btech student may apply and appear for the IIT JAM examination.

Unfortunately, Btech 3rd year students cannot sit for the IIT JAM 2022. The aspirant must upload documents supporting their graduation or completion of a Bachelor’s degree during the application process. Hence, the answer to this question is a big NO.

IIT JAM vs. IIT JEE? Which is more difficult to crack?

IIT JAM stands out from IIT JEE because of its eligibility and qualification.

IIT JEE is suitable for individuals who completed their 12th standard in school. This joint entrance examination comes in two rounds, the Mian and the Advanced.

Upon completing the exams, the aspirant will apply for BE/ B.Tech degree in renowned colleges. Besides, they may also apply for integrated M.Tech courses in relevant colleges across India.

On the other hand, IIT JAM is suitable for undergraduate students holding a Bachelors’s degree in relevant fields. This admission exam will allow them to apply for diverse courses with a Masters’s in science degree in top colleges of India.

However, when it comes to the difficulty level, IIT JEE exceeds IIT JAM. Moreover, unlike IIT JAM, IIT JEE is undertaken in two stages. Hence, it’s challenging to crack both the exams in one go.

Are engineering students allowed to pursue MSc. after completing Btech?

Absolutely. The IIT JAM entrance examination allows candidates holding a relevant bachelor’s degree in science and engineering students to apply for Masters in Science. However, the candidates must fulfill relevant eligibility qualifications to pursue the MSc in chosen subjects and courses.

Is a Btech final year student allowed to apply for IIT JAM 2022?

Yes, a Btech final year student may apply for the IIT JAM entrance examination. It offers admission into IITs and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) for programs like MSc., Joint MSc. MSC-Ph.D Dual Degree or Integrated Ph.D., and other relevant post-graduate programs. Hence, final-year engineering candidates may apply.

What is the difficulty level of IIT JAM for Btech students?

The IIT JAM may come across as a strict competitive entrance examination to crack. It is mainly so due to its selection ratio.

As of 2021, around 14473 students appeared for the IIT JAM chemistry examination. Nonetheless, only 1223 seats were available in colleges across India. This indicates the selection ratio to be around 8.45%.

Despite the competition, the number of seats remains the same, around 1500 or so. Hence, there is no doubt that the competition is high, further enhancing the difficulty level.

Bottom line

Regardless of the set criteria, every student, whether a Btech student or a BSc student, can appear for IIT JAM 2022. However, the aspirant has to fulfill the eligibility requirements and qualifications to sit for the examination. Therefore, keep the competition in mind when preparing for IIT JAM.

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