VedPrep FDC Announcement

Like every other year, we had another long and draining selection process. Why? Well, we were busy recruiting new intern faculty for our students. And finally, after so many interviews we have prepared the VedPrep FDC Final Results.

Some of you might be wondering, “What is this FDC?” and that’s a genuine question, so let’s dive right into it.

So What Is FDC?

VedPrep Chem Academy recruits highly motivated students every year under their annual Faculty Development Course. The course can be pursued as an internship where we hire freshly graduated B.Sc./M.Sc. students. We make sure that the students we hire are highly motivated towards educating those following the same path as them. Our Faculty Development Program (FDC) carves a full-fledged educator from our interns under the leadership of Sir Ved Prakash Sharma; Founder of VedPrep.

VedPrep FDC Final Results 2023

There were many talented individuals who joined us for the interviews. However, only some of them managed to clear all the rounds. The following image contains the names, subjects, and branches of all the qualified FDC Interns.

VedPrep FDC Final Results

To all those who couldn’t make it to this list, we’d like to tell you that you have the potential. We’d love to have you join us next year with an updated arsenal of skills. For now, you should work on your existing skills and sharpen them so that we can work together in future.

Congratulations To Our New Interns

We’d like you once again congratulate you for making it through the selection process. VedPrep Chem Academy welcomes you wholeheartedly in this new endeavour. We hope that with your skills and our experience, we can create something valuable for our students. A new journey is about to begin, and we’re ready! Let’s join hands and grow the potential of VedPrep Chem Academy together.