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There are just 3 weeks left before the UGC NET 2023 examination is conducted. This is why, it’s very crucial for all the UGC NET applicants to push their limits.

NTA conducts the University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) every year. UGC NET is conducted to test the knowledge of applicants for the roles of Assistant Professor and JRF. The exam grants a one-way ticket to work as an Assistant professor and opt for Fellowship on a monthly stipend.

This blog will provide a 21-day strategy to all UGC NET 2023 candidates for a final touch to their preparations. So let’s dive straight into the strategy,

What Should You Prioritise?

In the final 21 days before your UGC NET examination, there are certain domains that you should be focusing on. Based on these focal points we’ll be deriving you a 21-day strategy so keep reading.

  1. Reviewing the syllabus of UGC NET 2023

It’s a very important step in the final stretch before not just UGC NET but any examination. You must ensure that you have covered the whole syllabus or atleast as much as you wanted to. This will ultimately help you curate a more efficient study pattern for best results.

  1. Weak Topics Come First

Now we know that you want to strengthen what you’re best at but you must not neglect your weak areas. Your weak topics are potential score-fetching assets that just need a little more attention. So while you’re focused on your best topics take out some time and practice the weak ones too.

  1. Time to Learn Some Time Management

Come on, everyone knows this one. Just how many times has it happened to you that you’re writing your exam and the time just won’t stop? We all have been there and it’s a big problem in professional exams like UGC NET. Which is why you should be focusing on your time management skills along with your preparation.

  1. Revision is the Key!

No matter how much you study, it’s of no use until you start revising what you learn. Revision helps you retain information for longer so that you’re able to recall it during exams.

  1. Stay Updated With The Latest Notifications

NTA usually releases many notifications and updates regarding the examinations to update the students regarding any updates about the examination. The updates can be related to change in exam dates, pattern, syllabus or anything else. You can follow our website and blogs to stay updated.

  1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

So the last 21 days are here and you don’t want to leave any stones unturned? Then start practising by solving mock tests, practice papers, and test series for the best results.

These are all the aspects that you’ll need to focus on during this 21-day strategy. However, there are some more specific aspects that we’ll be discussing in the strategy itself.

The Strategy For UGC NET 2023

Day 1-3: Planning

The first 3 days of this strategy will be focused on collecting every piece of information for the exam. You need to collect the latest syllabus, notifications, notes, and any other relevant information required to start preparation. In these 3 days:

  • Understand the syllabus thoroughly.
  • Divide the syllabus into sections based on your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Plan a suitable study plan for yourself to make your preparation as effective as possible.

Day 4-7: Work on your strengths

The next four days should be dedicated towards the concepts and topics that you’re best at. Yes, you need to work on your weaknesses too but you must not compromise with what you’re already best at. In these 4 days you should:

  • Focus on your best topics
  • Focus on core topics and concepts
  • Create concise notes as you study for later quick revisions.

Day 8-10: Time to dig In-Depth

For the next three days, our main goal should be to focus on our weaknesses and dig into the most detailed topics. Detailed topics will need time and time is what we lack right now. So you should go for the topics that you think you can cover in the span of three days.

Day 11-14: Learn Time Management with Mock Tests

Now that we’re done with your syllabus, we need to focus on your time management skills. And for that, you’ll:

  • Attempt full mock tests with a restricted timer for better results
  • Analyse your time management skills by checking which sections took most of your time.

Day 15-17: Full-Fledged Revision

From day 15 to 17, your main goal will be to carry out a full-fledged revision session. You can do so by:

  • Review the topics you’ve covered so far and focus on revising formulas and key points.
  • Look back at the notes that you made in the initial days.

Day 18-20: Practice and Mimicking

You should focus on practising for the exam by solving sample/previous year question papers by mimicking exam-like situation. You can:

  • Set a timer while attempting the exam
  • Isolate yourself from all study material and electronic devices
  • Analyze your performance until you’re satisfied with it.

Day 21: The Final Day

You’re just one day away from the actual examination. On this day all you need to do is relax at a place and go through all the short notes that you’ve made till now. Make sure you’re sending someone to checkout the exam center physically for you one day before the exam. The last day should be dedicated to treating yourself with some mental peace so that you are prepared for the big day.

Final Verdict

Please note that this is a generalised last 21-day strategy to crack UGC NET 2023 examination and you can modify it as per your needs. We have not included the topics that you should study on particular days because everyone might prefer different topics at different difficulties. However, one thing is sure this structure will definitely help you out in planning your preparation strategy for UGC NET 2023.

Do stick around for latest updates on UGC NET and if you’re searching for study material or courses for the same, you can check out our website