IIT JAM is a science entrance exam at the national level. It is an exam through which the candidates may secure their admission in MSc. There are other post-graduate courses provided by IIT and also the Ph.D. courses provided by IISc Bangalore.

The IIT JAM exam of 2022 will be conducted on the subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology, Geology, and Economics, and Mathematical statistics.

If you have the zeal to learn more and grow in your subject, this exam is perfect for you.

After qualifying in this exam, you can be eligible to pursue your post-graduate in the top institutes of India, such as NITs, IITs, CFTIs, and also IISc Bangalore.

If you wish to fulfill the criteria of the IIT JAM exam of 2022, you should hold a cutoff of CGPA, but from this year, you just need to pass the qualifying degree.

The applicants, who will appear or have appeared for the graduation exams in the year 2022, can also apply. To participate in this exam, you should know about the details of the IIT JAM examination syllabus and the date. This exam is conducted in the month of February of every year.

IIT JAM Mathematics is the best opportunity for graduate students who dream about proceeding with their post-graduate degree from one of the best IITs in Mathematics.

Each year, many candidates apply for and take part in the JAM Examination to have a chance of getting admission in Mathematics Courses for post-graduate offered by the IITs. So, to successfully crack your IIT JAM Mathematics exam, you should know about the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus in detail.

Important topics in the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022

The questions asked in this IIT JAM exam are of 10+2 level. So, the topics that the applicants need to study to crack the exam successfully are listed below:

  • Mathematical Induction
  • Sets
  • Logarithms
  • Relations and Functions
  • Quadratic and Linear equations
  • Complex numbers
  • Trigonometry
  • Sequences and series
  • Straight lines and family
  • The Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
  • Conic Sections
  • Circles
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Series
  • Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Application of derivatives
  • Probability
  • Differentiation
  • Vectors
  • Functions, Limits, and Continuity
  • Differential Equations
  • Definite and indefinite integrals
  • Metrics and determinants

IIT JAM Mathematics Syllabus of 2022

To crack the exam IIT JAM Mathematics 2022, it is best to know about the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus in a clear way. Here are the details of those special topics to help you out.

1. Differential Equations

In this part, all the parts are Ordinary differential equations of the first order of the specific form, y’=f (x, y). , also integrating factors, exact differential equations, orthogonal trajectories, integrating factor, Bernoulli’s equation, and also homogeneous differential equations.

This part also includes the equations that are variable separable equations and also linear differential equations that are just for the second order with the coefficients that are constant. Along with this, there is also the method of variation of parameters and the Cauchy-Euler equation.

2. Sequences and series regarding the real numbers

In this topic the areas that are included are the sequence of the real numbers, convergence criteria for the sequence of real numbers, bounded and monotone sequences, and also the convergence of sequences.

Apart from those parts, there are also the sequences and sub-sequences of Cauchy and the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem.

Moreover, the candidate should also go through the absolute convergence, series of real numbers, and tests of convergence for the series of positive terms that have the ratio test, comparison test, Leibniz test, and the root test for the convergence of alternating series.

3. Linear Algebra

The parts that come under this topic are the finite-dimensional vector spaces with the linear independence of the vectors.

Also, its dimension and basis, details on the representation of matrix, linear transformations, and the range space along with the null space. This also includes the concepts of the rank-nullity theorem.

In addition to this, the other areas this part covers are eigenvectors for matrices, consistency conditions with eigenvalues, and also Cayley-Hamilton theorem.

4. Integral Calculus

This portion of the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022 includes the detailed study on integration that defines as the inverse procedure of differentiation with the integrals that are definite. This also includes the properties with the fundamental theorem of calculus.

In addition to this, there are the triple and double integrals, the method to calculate surface areas, details regarding the change of order of integration, and also volumes with the support of double integrals. This portion also includes the calculation of volumes with the assistance of the triple integrals.

5. Group Theory

This area covers the parts like Abelian groups, Groups, subgroups, non-Abelian groups, permutation groups, cyclic groups, Lagrange’s Theorem for finite groups, normal subgroups, the basic ideas of quotient groups, and also the group homomorphisms.

6. Vector Calculus

The vector and scalar fields, divergence, gradient, line integrals, curl, Green, surface integrals, and also the Gauss and Stokes theorems.

7. Real Analysis

Limit points, interior points, closed and open sets, connected sets, bounded sets, compact sets, Taylor’s series, the completeness of R. Power series, interval and radius of convergence, integration of power series, and the term-wise differentiation.

8. Functions of one real variable

Continuity differentiation, Limit, Rolle’s theorem, Intermediate Value, Taylor’s theorem, Mean value theorem, Maxima and Minima, and also L’Hospital Rule.

9. Functions of Two and three real variables

Partial derivatives, Limit, Differentiability, Limit, Continuity, Minima and Maxima.

So, if your dream is to crack the IIT JAM exam 2022 and have a great career in mathematics, then you need to go through the above-mentioned IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022 in a detailed way.

IIT JAM Mathematics exam pattern and marking system

Now, we will discuss some important tips regarding how to prepare yourself for the IIT JAM Mathematics exam. However, before, that it is better to know about the exam pattern of the IIT JAM Exam of 2022.

The IIT JAM exam of 2022 will be conducted for the seven subjects in a computer-based mode. The question paper is divided into three parts, such as A, B, and C.

Here is a detailed description of those parts and their marks:

Section No of Questions Marks
A 10 MCQs 1 mark each
20 MCQs 2 marks each
B 10 MCQs 2 marks each
C 10 NAT (Numerical Answer Type) Questions 1 mark each
10 NAT (Numerical Answer Type) Questions 2 marks each

Career Scope after Completing Masters Degree in Mathematics

After completing your Master’s Degree in Mathematics, you can work in the posts like:

  1. Scientific Officer
  2. Lecturer in Mathematics
  3. General Management
  4. Computer and IT
  5. Data Science Modelers
  6. Manual Testing
  7. Banking and Investment Banking
  8. Operational Research
  9. Junior Research Fellow
  10. Statistical Research

How to prepare for the IIT JAM Mathematics exam 2022?

To prepare perfectly for the IIT JAM Mathematics exam 2022, you need to follow several tips along with your in-depth knowledge about the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022. This exam has many tough candidates and thus needs careful planning and preparation.

Mathematics is a subject that you need to study carefully. However, the actual preparation for the IIT JAM Mathematics exam 2022 is not possible just by listening or reading.

For proper preparation, you should practice solving the questions. Mathematics is a subject that needs several hours of hard work. Here are several tips that can help you in your preparation.

  • First of all, you need to know about the question patterns and marking systems of the exam. Along with this, you should also gather important information regarding the complete syllabus, examination, etc.
  • Distribute the topics and your study time according to your priority and also according to the exam weightage.
  • Take a hard copy of the IIT JAM Mathematics Syllabus of 2022 and highlight your strong areas for better preparation.
  • Cover a minimum of one or two subtopics each day to get a good score in the exam.
  • Differential Calculus is a very important part of the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022 because it is carrying the highest weightage in the previous 5 years.
  • You can make some short notes with the formulas, definitions, corollaries, statements of theorems, and also the important tricks used in the topics. In addition to this, you can make a mathematical dictionary and note down several special terms.
  • Practice question papers as much as you can each day and never fail to do it. It will easily boost your confidence level and also help you to get good marks.
  • On the weekend, do not forget to revise what you have studied. This will help you to have a better control over the entire subject.
  • Focus on solving more MCQs and the NAT problems. While solving MCQs, you can discard the options to get an accurate answer.


Hope the above-mentioned points will be able to give you a complete understanding of the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus of 2022 and how to prepare for it successfully. With the preparation tips, you can easily plan and prepare for the exam in a smart way.

Still, if you have any other queries, you can contact any reputed coaching center, who will give the best training and information regarding the IIT JAM Exam of 2022.


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