IIT JAM Difficulty Level

Hey there, future master’s degree achievers! If your eyes are set on the IIT JAM Exam, you’re in for a ride. So, let’s talk about the big question that is tingling in your mind: How difficult is IIT JAM for BSc grads like you?

Whatever you are feeling about the answer, let’s crack the code. If you think of IIT JAM as a tough nut to crack, it’s true. It’s like chasing your dream while juggling books and notes. But guess what? You’re not alone in this adventure!

We’re here to spill the beans and share the inside scoop. Meet VedPrep, your partner-in-prep. We’ve prepared the IIT JAM Difficulty Level guide to spill the secrets. We want you to understand how complex (or not-so-hard) this exam is so that you can plan your study game accordingly.

Get ready to uncover the mysteries of the IIT JAM Exam. We’ll be your map, guiding you through the twists and turns and helping you conquer this exam mountain.

What Is IIT JAM Exam – Purpose and Significance

IIT JAM, the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test for MSc, might sound like a mouthful. Still, getting into incredible science programs after your bachelor’s degree is a big test. This test happens yearly and is run by one of the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Imagine this exam as your golden ticket to awesome MSc courses and even combo packages like Joint MSc-PhD. Not only that, but you can also get into special programs at IITs and get on the path to an integrated Ph.D. The Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research can also provide some degree programs.

The exam covers seven subjects: Biotechnology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, and Geology. It’s like a chance to show off your science skills and open doors to amazing academic adventures!

What’s Next After Acing IIT JAM? – Scope And Career

So, you’ve rocked the IIT JAM 2023 exam (Joint Admission Test for Masters)! Here are the answers if you think about what you can do with the degree.

Master’s Magic: IIT JAM opens doors to notable colleges like IITs and NITs. You can now study M.Sc., M.Tech, and even PhD courses. Get ready to dive deep into science and tech!

Research Quest: With a Master’s in Science, you can be a science detective. Explore and discover new things in research and development. Both public and private places need clever minds like yours.

Teach & Inspire: How about becoming a teacher at college? Share your knowledge with young minds and make learning fun.

Job Adventures: Companies love smart science folks. You could work in research, help with data, and lots more in private companies.

Government Goals: The Indian government also has excellent science jobs. Think about places like ISRO or DRDO. You could be part of some cool projects.

Write Science Stories: If you like writing and science, be a science writer or editor. You’ll explain science in simple words for everyone to understand.

Help the Earth: Want to save the planet? Work in environmental science. You can find ways to keep our world green and clean.

Medicine Marvels: Have you ever thought about the medical world? You could help create new medicines or make sure they’re super safe.

Data Detective: If numbers are your thing, check out data science. You’ll solve problems using info and help companies make great choices.

IIT JAM 2024 Exam Pattern – Understand the Structure

Check out the table below to understand how the IIT JAM 2024 exam is put together. By getting a grip on the IIT JAM Exam pattern, you’ll get a sneak peek into how difficult is IIT JAM.

Section Type of Questions No of Question
A Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 30
B Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) 10
C Numerical Answer Type (NAT) 20
  Total 60

IIT JAM Difficulty Level – How Marking Scheme Works?

Here’s the breakdown of questions and their marks in the table below: This table gives you a clear picture of how the questions are distributed and the marks they carry. It’s time to understand the marking scheme.

Section No. of Questions Marks
A 10 MCQs 1 mark each
20 MCQs 2 marks each
B 10 MSQs 2 marks each
C 10 NAT Questions 1 mark each
10 NAT Questions 2 marks each


Negative Marking Scheme

Let’s talk about the way negative marking works in the IIT JAM exam:

Section A:

For each wrong answer to a one-mark question, you’ll lose 1/3 of a mark.

For two-mark questions, each incorrect answer costs you 2/3 of a mark.

No negative marks for questions you don’t attempt.

Section B:

The good news here! No negative marking in this section.

Also, there’s no partial marking allowed in this part.

Section C:

More good news! There is no negative marking in this section either.

Now, here’s the scoop: The pattern and difficulty level of the exam are expected to be quite similar to last year. So, you can get an idea of what’s coming your way based on the previous years’ experience. Get ready to tackle those questions!

IIT JAM Difficulty Level – Last Year Exam Analysis

After each shift’s conclusion, look at the updated paper analysis for IIT JAM 2023. This table breaks down the difficulty levels and highlights topics with high weightage.


IIT JAM Section Difficulty Level Maximum Weightage Topics Good Attempts
Chemistry (CY) Moderate; the paper was not time consuming and could be completed much before 3 hours Inorganic Chemistry- 15-16 questions

Chemical Kinetics- 4-5 questions

MOT- 2-3 questions

Biomolecules + Miller Indices + Bragg’s Law- 5-6 questions

Mathematics (MA) Easy to Moderate Sequence and Series, Cauchy Criteria, Order, Rieman Concepts, Calculus 40-45
Geology (GG) Moderate to Difficult Applied Geology, Structural Geology 35-40
Physics (PH) Moderate to Difficult and Lengthy EMT, Eigen, Electricity, Moment of Inertia, Flux 35-40
Biotechnology (BT) Moderate Pedigree Analysis, Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics and Immunology 45-50
Mathematical Statistics (MS) Moderate To be Updated To be Updated
Economics (EN) Easy to Moderate To be Updated To be Updated


How Difficult is IIT JAM – Overall Comparison Of Last Years’ Papers

Based on expert reviews and thorough examination, we’ve discovered that JAM 2023 maintained a moderate difficulty level, much like the 2022 exam. Let’s look at the difficulty levels of the IIT JAM Exam in recent years.

Year Difficulty Level
2016 Moderate
2017 Moderate
2018 Difficult
2019 Moderate
2020 Moderate
2021 Moderate
2022 Moderate
2023 Moderate


Rising Competition in IIT JAM Each Year – No. Of Candidates Appeared In IIT JAM

Every year, more and more folks are taking the IIT JAM Exam for only a limited number of spots. This means the competition is heating up, and the exam is getting tougher.

Let’s break it down and examine the number of candidates who joined the IIT JAM Exam in the past years.

Year No. of Candidates Appeared
2015 25,000
2016 45,000
2017 54,654
2018 55,498
2019 66,958
2020 60,972
2021 62,654
2022 51,554
2023 54,714


Crush IIT JAM Difficulty Level with Last-Minute Prep Tips

Getting ready for IIT JAM 2024? These tips cover both studying and practical stuff:

Quick Revision: Have you ever memorized and forgotten something during the exam? Yup, it happens! So, revise your topics and solve lots of related questions. Practice is the key!

Practice with Papers: Solve old IIT JAM question papers. It boosts your confidence and helps you spot common questions. You’ve got time to tackle a few documents before the big day.

Spot Weak Spots: As you review notes and solve papers, notice where you struggle. Focus on those areas to become a rock star in them.

No New Stuff: Wait to dive into new topics now. It could confuse you. Instead, revise what you know and practice related questions.

Test Yourself: Do a mock test. Set a timer for three hours, like the real deal. Try to answer questions accurately within that time. It’s a practice run!

Use Time Wisely: Every minute counts now. Skip TV and outings. Please make a small notebook with formulas and diagrams, and carry it everywhere.

Be Prepared: Get your IIT JAM admit card and docs ready. Have your admit card, two photos, ID proof (Aadhar, PAN, License, or Voter ID), and any travel pass if needed.

IIT JAM Difficulty Level – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wondering how tough the IIT JAM exam is? We’ve got you covered with this FAQ section. Get ready for simple answers to help you understand what to expect and how to prepare.

Que 1. Is IIT JAM very hard?

Ans 1. IIT JAM is one of the most challenging entrance exams, demanding candidates build robust strategies to achieve high scores.

Que 2. What is the difficulty level of IIT JAM MS?

Ans 2. The IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics (MS) exam typically falls within the Easy to Moderate difficulty range.

Que 3. Is IIT JAM difficult than gate?

Ans 3. The exam is less challenging than GATE, yet it demands thorough preparation and a firm grasp of the subject’s concepts.

Que 4. Is IIT JAM tougher than JEE?

Ans 4. While IIT JAM and IIT JEE might seem alike, they hold distinct differences. In terms of difficulty, IIT JEE is more challenging than IIT JAM. Unlike JAM, IIT JEE comprises two stages: JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Que 5. Is IIT JAM better than GATE?

Ans 5. IIT JAM is a shared entrance test for admission into various master’s programs, including MSc, Integrated Ph.D., Joint MSc-PhD, and MSc-PhD Dual Degree. In contrast, GATE is a nationwide exam primarily facilitating admission into masters of technology programs like ME, MTech, and Ph.D.

Que 6. Is an MSc from IIT worth it?

Ans 6. An MSc degree from an IIT can enhance your appeal to multinational corporations (MNCs) compared to an MSc degree from a general or public university. Furthermore, graduates from IITs stand a better chance of securing positions in esteemed companies like TCS, Wipro, Microsoft, and more.

Que 7. Is IIT JAM tougher than cat?

Ans 7. In IIT JAM, the questions stem from topics covered in classes 11 and 12 for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. On the other hand, CAT is an aptitude test that evaluates candidates’ logical abilities for future managerial roles. Looking at it this way, the CAT exam leans towards being more challenging than the IIT JAM.

Que 8. Is IIT JAM tougher than CSIR NET?

Ans 8. Both exams present their challenges, with the difficulty level influenced by one’s readiness and abilities. Considering the syllabus and competitive intensity, NET JRF can be more demanding than IIT JAM.

Que 9. Is CA more challenging than IIT?

Ans 9. The Chartered Accountant (CA) exam is among India’s most challenging. Candidates must pass all four rounds (Foundation, Intermediate, 3 Years of Articleship, and CA Final) on their first attempt.

Que 10. What rank is IIT in GATE?

Ans 10. For admission into an IIT, a student must secure a GATE rank of 200 or less or a rank between 600 and 800. Alongside this, the student should achieve a score of 400 to 800.

Que 11. How rank is decided in IIT JAM?

Ans 11. The IIT JAM 2023 exam will evaluate candidates based on their cumulative scores from the three sections (A, B, and C) to determine their rank.

Que 12. Is IIT JAM tougher than Cucet?

Ans 12. Candidates preparing for the JAM M.Sc. exam might find it relatively easier to crack the CUCET Exam, while those focusing on CUCET preparation face challenges when attempting the JAM M.Sc. exam.

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