Are you preparing for IIT JAM Chemistry? Facing difficulty in getting a clear understanding of the subject? Don’t worry at all! We are have come up with some amazing reference books for IIT JAM Chemistry.

JAM Chemistry examination is among one of the most famous papers, seeing the high amount of test taker. Therefore, you have to give your 100% in order to attain decent scores in the JAM test and in turn fix your place in one of the well-known Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) to do M.SC Ph.D. or M.SC in Chemistry.

Chemistry has always been considered one of the trickiest subjects among students and as a result, you need to put your heart and soul, when it comes to cracking IIT JAM Chemistry.

Begin with understanding the pattern of the exam and its syllabus, followed by a decision that which books you should take help from. In this blog, you are going to get a precise list of the most trusted and best books suggested for the IIT JAM Chemistry test.

However, before that, you need to know the weightage of the subject.


Organic Chemistry30%-40%
Inorganic Chemistry18%
Physical Chemistry20%

Preparation for IIT JAM Chemistry examination emphasizes a study of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Every topic needs tactical preparation. In case, you pay attention to classes throughout your graduation, your preparation will become easier.

IIT JAM Chemistry test concerning suggested books are separated tool wise (whether for practice or theory) and subject wise. Browse via the entire list below and pick which books are best to finish your course.

Important Note: Always remembers, the crucial to decent preparation is reviewing industriously from the accurate resources.


SubjectBook NameAuthor Name
Bioinorganic ChemistryInorganic ChemistryJames E. Huheey, E.A. Keiter, R. L. Keiter, O. K. Medhi
Chemical Kinetics & CatalysisChemical Kinetics & CatalysisRichard Mishel
ElectrochemistryAn Introduction to ElectrochemistrySamuel Glasstone
Quantum ChemistryQuantum Chemistry through Problems and SolutionsR.K. Prasad
Molecular SpectroscopyFundamentals of Molecular SpectroscopyColin N. Banwell
Group TheoryChemical Applications of Group TheoryF. Albert Cotton
Collides & SurfacesSurface ChemistryA Goel
Organic ChemistryStereochemistry Conformation and MechanismP.S. Kalsi
Organometallic CompoundsConcept and Models of Inorganic ChemistryBodie Douglas, Darl McDaniel, John Alexander
Physical ChemistryAtomic and Molecular StructurePeter W. Atkins
Organic ChemistryBasic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and StereochemistryP.S. Kalsi


There are obviously several books present in the marketplace. We would recommend you choose books based on your understanding level and the information is given in it. For instance, a few students favour foreign writers, others do not; it is your own privilege what to choose.

The documented material is of excessive quality regardless of the source of the novelist. The other object to paying attention to is how considerably time you want to dedicate to a specific topic’s philosophy.

Pick books that clarify theory well, as well as simultaneously provide exercises for exercise. All in all, it is possible to crack the IIT JAM Chemistry exam just by going through the list available above. Moreover, here are a few of the amazing tips to make for a JAM Chemistry test.

1. Provide Time to Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry

A lot of students disregard one segment for they are more well-informed about others. By doing so, they lose valuable marks even in easy questions on that topic. We recommend that if you are facing problems in any particular subject, ask a decent teacher to clarify it to you and after that examine from books to get clearer.

2. Have a Strong on Basics for JAM Chemistry Examination

This is another crucial advice. Having a robust substance is serious for issue resolving and incoming at accurate solutions in an entry exam. To study the essential, you can mention IIT JEE level examination books.

3. Mention merely the best JAM Chemistry examination preparation books.

Amid all the existing books in the marketplace and online, choose merely the best ones. These books will assist you in comprehending ideas concepts and working queries simultaneously.

4. Resolve different sorts of queries to enhance speed proficiencies for the JAM exam

Eventually, the examination performance relies on how many solutions you inscribe accurately in the Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. To do that, you need to solve an extensively large number of questions on each topic throughout preparing for the entrance. Obviously, you should even resolve past year question papers of JAM, as well as sample papers.


While choosing the reference books for IIT JEM Chemistry, you need to make sure that they include the complete syllabus. The correct books will even have adequate IIT JAM last year question papers, as well as IIT JAM mock tests. Question papers and mock tests are a huge source of preparation since they assist in comprehending the structure of IIT JAM.


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